How I’ve read +1 book per month for +4 years

Reading consistently is hard. I could hardly finish a book, now I finish at least one every month. Here’s what I’ve learned.

The most underestimated factor in sustaining a reading habit is choosing the right book.

Every new book is a gamble with your long term reading potential. The wrong book destroys your motivation for reading while the right one increases it. The results go from getting bored while reading and never finding time to read to reading nonstop and finishing books in days.

Note I am using right & wrong instead of good & bad, the risk is not…

Slight familiarity with Drizzle, React, and Ethereum is recommended.

Drizzle helps keep track of smart contracts in the front end. One just adds the smart contracts of interest to the DrizzleOptions object at instantiation.

But what happens if, during usage, one needs to start tracking a new smart contract.

This could be a contract that has just been created, e.g. via a Factory contract, or a pre-existing contract that is of interest to the current user. Drizzle has the capability to dynamically add contracts to and delete contracts from the DrizzleStore.

Drizzle’s official and concise documentation of this feature is…

Alan Arvelo

Been reading +1 book/month for +4 years. Self-improvement through self-education. Documenting it all in Twitter @alanarvelo.

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